Planning A Full Bath

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A full bath – or family bathroom – is one that gets a lot of traffic, and designing one is very different from designing a master bathroom. A family bathroom gets used by everyone, including guests, in a home that does not have a master bath, so it has to function perfectly for everyone.

There are several questions you need to ask, such as who uses the bathroom, whether children use it, whether you want a separate toilet area, how much storage space you need, and so on. How many people will use the bathroom at the same time? Do you need a tub here, and if you choose not to include one in your plans – or there is not sufficient space – is there another bathroom in the home that already has a tub?


Do You Have Small Children?

How many sinks will you need? Do you bath small children here? What appliances do you have, and are there enough wall sockets to accommodate more than one person using them at a time?

Some people with small children decide upon a lower countertop rather than a step stool to enable them to reach the sink and the faucet. However, the problem here is that small children have a habit of growing.

In a full bathroom it is best to use low maintenance materials, such as quartz, granite, or tiles. If you have children using the bathroom you need faucets that are simple to turn on and off, and are easy to clean.


Fresca Bath makes a wide variety of different faucets in chrome and brushed nickel which are easy to use and ideal when you have kids in the home, as they can stand up to a lot of pushing and pulling. You can take a look at the Fresca Bath range by clicking on the Brands link above, and scrolling down to Fresca Bath.

You also need to ensure that each person using the bathroom has their own drawer for storing toothbrushes, flannels, and so on.

In addition, you need to think about towel bars. If there are four people using the bathroom, you are going to need four bath towels and possible four smaller towels for drying face and hands, so you will need towel bars that can accommodate these. Are you going to use heated towel bars?



Will you need a linen cabinet? You may well need storage for extra towels, and so on. If there is no space for a linen cabinet, you can have shelves built into the shower above the shower heads.

Are you going to have a single sink vanity or a double? You could even have two separate single sink vanities if you have the space, but you will probably need more than a single one considering the amount of traffic. Fresca Bath make a huge number of different sink vanities which you can see in their catalog shown on this website. Access it by clicking on the Brands link above.

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