How To Create An Antique Bathroom – Part 2

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We have had a look at the major items that you need to include in your antique bathroom. A free-standing bath with ball and claw feet, or simply claw feet, is going to be the focal point. You could also choose a roll top bath.

We took a look at some of the stunning vanities in the Legion Furniture range. When you consider the amount of detail, and the use of walnut and other woods, these vanities are not at all expensive. They come with antique design faucets as standard, but you could choose from some of the other faucets that are made by Legion Furniture.

Towel bars don’t have to be made of stainless steel, or finished in chrome. You can make your own very easily with brass coated 1” tubing and a couple of brackets, which will fit in more with your antique design.

What about lighting? A really stunning effect would be created by using antique style chandeliers, dripping with crystal or glass pendants. Use candle bulbs to complete the effect. Of course, we know that these are more often found in hallways and lounges, and we also know that it depends on the height of your ceiling, but if you can do it, just go for it. The effect on your guests will be sensational!

You can also include wall sconces, which can be fully working, or simply decorative. Alternatively, you could use wall sconces in which you can place candles on high days and holidays.

Mirrors do not have to be simply square or rectangular with a plain frame. Take a look at the very second item in the Legion Furniture catalog (use the link or click on Brands above, then scroll down to Legion Furniture), and you will see an example of a framed mirror that gives a really Victorian effect. You might fall in love with this particular mirror, but if not, it will give you some ideas for hunting out mirrors of a traditional design. Once again, you could look at flea markets, or visit a few antique shops.

Other ideas for your antique bathroom include some occasional furniture, such as a chair in an antique style (it doesn’t have to be antique, but can be reproduction) and a thick oriental rug.

Get some paintings, or prints, in a Victorian style (flea markets and charity shops are ideal for these) to hang on the walls.

Why not use wooden panelling on the lower half of the walls, with vinyl wallpaper on the top? Use decorative moulding to separate the two sections.

Another great idea is to use apothecary bottles for all of your lotions and beauty products. Decant your beauty products into them and leave them nonchalantly on the countertop. It goes without saying that you need to keep your spray deodorants and hairsprays out of sight, so keep these in the cupboards or drawers under the vanity, or on shelves in the Victorian wardrobe that you might have purchased in line with our earlier suggestion.

There you have it. A stunning antique bathroom, that doesn’t have to cost the earth, and will amaze your friends and relatives.

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