How To Create An Antique Bathroom – Part 1

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Many people today considering remodeling their bathrooms want to have a very modern look, with everything in chrome and stainless steel, vanities with square clean-cut lines, linen cupboards that are similar, and so on.

However, a bathroom doesn’t have to be that way, and can, indeed look stunning when designed in a much more traditional antique style.


Focal Points

Of course, one of the main focal points in your bathroom is going to be the bath. You can replace that modern-looking bathtub with a roll top bath, or better still, a free-standing bath with ball and claw feet. This will immediately take your bathroom back 150 years to the Victorian era.

You could also opt for an antique looking pedestal sink, but probably a better bet is an antique design of sink vanity that looks for all the world like a piece of furniture.

Legion Furniture

While we have to hold our hands up here, and say that we are biased, you can do no better than take a look at the vast choice of vanities made by Legion Furniture. In fact, their name gives it away: they have the word “furniture” in there, and that is exactly what these products look like.

Click on the Brands link above, and then scroll down to Legion Furniture. You will see what we mean instantly, just by looking at the vanities on the first page. Just look at those chest vanities with ball and claw feet, barley-sugar twist decoration, ornate and intricate carving and detail, and antique looking bronze faucets. They look exactly like pieces of furniture that the Victorians would have had in their hallways, or lounges.

Some of the double sink vanities that Legion Furniture make are even more intricate, with cupboards and drawers that offer a huge amount of storage, yet still manage to look 150 years old.

It’s not just sink vanities that Legion furniture manufacture, either. Take a look at the glorious designs and colors of their tempered glass vessel sinks, available in round or square shapes, and some truly beautiful patterns.

Then there is a huge choice of mirrors to complement your antique bathroom design. In addition, you’ll find a range of antique style faucets in bronze and brushed nickel finishes.

A Victorian Wardrobe

Of course, you need storage in your bathroom, but why settle for a square modern design? It may take a little time hunting, but if you visit some antique furniture shops, you should be able to find a Victorian wardrobe. If you are lucky, you may well find one with a full length mirror as well. You could also find one at flea markets, or at charity shops.

If you need more shelf space, it’s a simple matter to fit some extra shelves to the inside of the wardrobe.

Towel bars don’t have to be chrome, or stainless steel, either. You can buy brass coated 1” tubing in different lengths (3’ is good) together with matching brackets, that will add to the authentic look of your antique bathroom.

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