Deciding On A Bathroom Remodeling Budget

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Planning a budget for your bathroom remodelling is an absolute necessity if you are not to blow your bank account to smithereens. It is very easy to spend a small fortune on remodelling your bath, and there is one thing that you can be certain of: you will spend more than you planned. One authority reckons that you should decide on your budget, and then add a further 30%, since in his experience many people spend that much more than was initially allowed.

You need to begin by doing your research. Have a look at magazines for ideas, visit any trade shows locally, and go to bathroom stores and talk to the staff. This way, you will be able to create your wish list, after which you can reduce it to a practical list which will give you some idea of the overall cost.


Furthermore, unless you are a qualified plumber or electrician, you are going to have to use a contractor to carry out the work. It is best if you select all your fixtures and fittings, and just hire a contractor to carry out the work. If you rely on the contractor to supply the bath, shower, toilet, vanity etc., he will include a profit margin, so you will finish up paying more for the fittings.

If you use a designer and a licensed contractor to carry out the work, you can expect to pay from $175 to $225 per square foot, and that is on the low end. So a bathroom of 6’ x 8’, which is a small space, is going to cost at least $8,500. Add 30% to that, and you are looking at $11,000.


Questions You Can’t Answer

Why add 30%? It’s because there are always going to be things for which you have not allowed. For instance, when you rip out the bath, is there going to be mildew on the wall behind it? If your bathroom is not very well ventilated, the answer is probably a big fat yes. What’s behind the walls? How much drywall repair will be needed? These are questions that you can’t answer before you begin, but you should always be prepared for some nasty surprizes.

What is under your control, of course, is what you pay for the fittings. Of course, it is possible to spend a small fortune, but you can get some really nice quality fittings at reasonable prices. Bellaterra Home, for example, makes a range of vanities at prices starting from as little as around $700. Even their “top of the range” wood vanities are only around $1,300, and they have a very large selection.

Bellaterra Home also makes mirrors in a wide range of styles, most of them framed. Some of these are very modern in design, while others are more traditional. The company also makes a range of linen cabinets. Whatever style of bathroom you are planning, you can be certain that Bellaterra Home has vanities and mirrors that will suit both your design and your budget.

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