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Well, perhaps not bathrooms exclusively for kids. Kid-friendly would perhaps be a better way of putting it. A family bath has to be designed with the whole family in mind, but you also need to allow for the fact that kids have an annoying habit of growing up and getting taller.

Some people go to the lengths of lowering the countertop, and this will work for a while. However, two years down the line, the kids have grown another 9” taller. There is an additional problem, which is that if the sink or sinks are low enough for the kids, an adult has to bend over in order to use them. A better idea is to include a lift out step stool in...

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A full bath – or family bathroom – is one that gets a lot of traffic, and designing one is very different from designing a master bathroom. A family bathroom gets used by everyone, including guests, in a home that does not have a master bath, so it has to function perfectly for everyone.

There are several questions you need to ask, such as who uses the bathroom, whether children use it, whether you want a separate toilet area, how much storage space you need, and so on. How many people will use the bathroom at the same time? Do you need a tub here, and if you choose not to include one in your plans – or there is not sufficient...

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If you are considering remodeling your bathroom and you have consideration for the environment, there are some options which can help you go green.

One idea is to install a larger window, or install an additional window. Many bathrooms have very small windows, but by adding additional natural light, you will cut down on your lighting bill and use less energy. You could also install overhead lighting in the form of a skylight. When replacing lighting it is best to use fluorescent lighting coupled with electronic ballasts to minimize energy use. However, if you are not keen on fluorescent lighting, try and use energy-efficient halogen...

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When it comes to bathroom sink vanities, the world truly is your oyster. There are so many different choices that sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.

If you opt for a vessel sink, the bowl sits on top of the counter. This gives you a lot of storage space underneath, but means that the counter top space is not so readily available, and it is more difficult to clean.

A vanity with sink takes up more room, so you need to ensure that you have sufficient space to pull out drawers and/or open cupboard doors. This may not be very practical in a narrow bathroom, or other confined space. However, you do get a lot of storage...