Bathroom Planning Ideas

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There are literally dozens of different ways in which you can plan a remodeling of your bathroom. However, on occasion there are some constraints, because plumbing and sewage lines can be difficult to move, unless you are prepared to spend a considerable amount of money. Certainly, if money is no object, you can move everything around and have it wherever you choose.

Separate Toilet

One problem is always where to place the toilet. Ideally, it should be in its’ own separate little room, but if that is not possible it needs to be screened off with a partition, or perhaps a Japanese-style screen. In this way, it is possible for more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time. At the very least, you don’t want the toilet to be the focal point of the room. The focal point is usually what you see as you open the door and enter the room, so another idea might be to place the toilet behind the door as it opens.

If you have the space to put the toilet in a separate room, you could also include a small vanity. A towel ring will be sufficient to hold a hand towel, which is all that is required, and a small cabinet above it can contain a mirror, and hold necessary items such as extra toilet rolls.


Sound Insulation

When planning a master bathroom, you need to pay attention to sound insulation. You don’t want bathroom/toilet noises emanating into the bedroom, so you want plenty of insulation in the walls and a good thick solid door into the bath. Another idea would be to have the dressing room as the entrance to the bathroom, between it and the bedroom. This would serve nicely to prevent the sound of running water and toilet being flushed to escape into the bedroom. Thinking about sound proofing is especially important in a household where one partner rises early, for instance, and the other stays in bed for a further couple of hours.

If you don’t want to disturb a partner who is sleeping, it might be possible to have the dressing room between the bedroom and bath, with an extra exit door from the bathroom into a hallway.



Depending upon space, you might have a shower and a bathtub. You will also need a vanity, of course. Whether you have a single or a double will depend on whether more than one person is to use the bathroom at the same time. Bellaterra Home produces a large selection of sink vanities in both modern and more traditional designs. Many of their vanities are in wood, such as walnut and ebony. Bellaterra Home make vanities in chest designs which are free-standing and they also produce wall-mounted models.

Of course, you need mirrors in the bathroom, and once again, Bellaterra Home has plenty to offer, including designs which are circular as well as the more usual rectangle. It is well worthwhile to check out their range. Just click on Brands above, and scroll down.

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